Friday, April 8, 2011

Act 7: Clues to the culprit

Well, Act 7's culprit has finally been revealed! Yuki and Mai, the stage 4 bosses from Touhou 05: Mystic Square. Why, will be revealed AFTER the act. For now, here are the solutions to the clues:

Clues 1

Given Clue: She has yet to appear in the Walfas Adventures storyline. Mai and Yuki have NEVER appeared in Walfas Adventures at the time of the clues' writing

Hidden Clue: To find this clue, you need to look at images 73.png, oh, and Badendpart3.png ^^;. If you downloaded Badendpart3.png, you would notice a faint link, which is the URL for Mobile Fish Steganography. Trying to use it on the image, you would get a insignificant text which I refuse to tell. Trying it on 73.png, on the other hand, would get you this:

Cheers, mate! The culprit is often associated with a certain fairy.

That certain fairy being Cirno. Both Mai and Cirno's powers are associated with Ice.

Clues 2

Given Hint: The culprit has appeared only in the PC-98 games. Mai is the Stage 4 boss for Mystic Square, which is Touhou 05, which is STILL the PC-98 Touhou game, the very last, for that matter

Hidden Hint: You should be looking at 76.png. And as for what tool to find the ends with a 'Stego' :3 I used OpenStego, but anything with a 'Stego' works. Using it on image 76.png gives you a text file with the words:

The culprit is actually working in a team!

Yuki and Mai both attack you until you defeat one of them.

Clues 3

Given Hint: She is (probably) the ONLY character who has words in her letimotif's name that describe her character. Mai's letimotif's name is Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss, and technically in the game, if you defeat Yuki before her, she will shrug and say that Yuki was holding her back

Hidden Hint: Today's hidden hint is brought to you by image 717.png :3. Steganography is used again (see clue 1), but be aware that not only do you have to FIND this clue, you have to figure out what the hell it means! Again, using Mobilefish. Using it on image 717.png will give you a text file with only the words:

DECEIVING THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE!!!.....yeah, figure out what the hell that means.

'Ma' can mean deceive, and 'Kai' can mean 'the hearts of people', so yeah.

Clues 4

Given Clue: The culprit may or may not be evil in canon, which practically rules out Utsuho. Because of Mai betraying Yuki, most people think she's evil. The reason why the clue says that it rules out Utsuho is because it was CONFIRMED she was evil (for a short while), whereas Mai can only be seen as a jerk.

Hidden Clue: Brought to you by image 720.png! You'll have to use Stego to find it....and figure out what the hell it means! Again, using Stego, and using it on image 720.png will give you a picture of Stinkoman. The reason for this being that he is the Trope namer for 'You Gotta have Blue Hair' and Mai has blue hair.

Clues Final

Given Hint: Marisa is....rash in decisions. Yes, this means the person she confronts may or may not be the culprit. Pretty darn obvious.

Hidden Hint: All this clue gives you is a picture of Yumemi and a link to Stegmuffin. People who are rash will quickly assume that Yumemi is the culprit, but using Stegmuffin on the image will give you an image of Yuki and Mai (which I cannot find for some reason).


So yeah, not many people actually BOTHERED to look for the clue, and pretty much no one could find out who it was. God knows whether or not I'll do it again, but if you guys want another challenge of this, let me know ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OC Character Sheets

Start to finish, people!

Name: Kazuko Nakamae
Alias: Kigurou Enkou (no longer used)
Species: Human (outsider)
Abilities: Bombs, teleportation, Manipulation of the border between reality and fantasy, magic (formerly)
Age: 13
Occupation: Student, detective
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Black cap, red straight hair resembling Kogasa's and a purple dress (normal), Alice's clothes and curvy red hair with a pink hairband (Act 1 incident), Same as normal, except that she is now wearing a casual shirt and pants outfit, and has no cap (Start of Act 5.5, presumably home clothes), carrying a gun or a book (all the time)
Relationships: Chisato Akimoto (best friend, colleague), Nikko Esprite (Friend, colleague), Rose Roozu (friend, colleague), Sachiko Watanabe (friend), Kon Yakumo (friend), Alice Margatroid (????)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 1

An outsider, Kazuko goes to Gensokyo during her free time, via her powers. She is also a detective; a member of the 'Gosha Chibi Team'. She is often known as a 'good girl', but anyone who knows her well knows that at times, she can seem the opposite. Nevertheless, she is a *cough cough* ally of justice *cough cough*. Like Marisa, she's only a human, but can still easily kick a youkai's ass.

She enjoys cooking and eating. While she appreciates all types of foods, her ultimate favorite is sashimi, with fried chicken and potatoes at a close second.

Fun facts

-Based off yours truly!
-I originally wanted her to use magic, but after some rethinking, "No difference" was the conclusion

Name: Chisato Akimoto
Alias: Reiko Shiki
Species: Human, Youkai (in Gensokyo's standards)
Abilities: Railguns, Illusion-making, Magic
Age: 13
Occupation: Student, detective
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Long black hair, a ribbon resembling Reimu's, a third eye and a long red dress (normal), same as Mokou's, except her hair is black and she STILL has her third eye (Act 1 incident)
Relationships: Kazuko Nakamae (best friend, colleague), Nikko Esprite (Friend, colleague), Rose Roozu (friend, colleague), Miles Edgeworth (adoptive father), Nagori Akimoto (Twin sister)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 1

Another outsider, she tags along with Kazuko to Gensokyo due to boredom. She is a very quiet and mysterious person, disregarding strangers, but her friends know she is cheerful around them, very well being an otaku. Strangely enough, she is the blue oni with Kazuko, but the red oni with Nagori.

Fun Facts

-Based off a friend of mine (not RL)
- Tsundere, depending on who she's with (usually Edgey)
-I....don't know what her third eye is for

Name: Nagori Akimoto
Alias: Amelia Shiki
Species: Human, Youkai (Gensokyo's standards)
Abilities: Chaotic magic
Age: ????
Occupation: ????
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Long pale blue hair, a blue ribbon and a long purple dress (normal), same as Kaguya, except her hair color is still pale blue (Act 1 incident)
Relationships: Chisato Akimtoto (twin sister), everyone else (disregardance)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 1
Even more mysterious than her sister Chisato, Nagori disregards most people and avoids conversation. Not much is known about her, and as such, has very little screen time.

Fun Facts

-Does not actually exist in the real world, unlike Chisato
-Seriously, what the hell does her third eye do?!

Name: Kon Yakumo
Alias: Meimu
Species: Manipulation-of-whatever youkai
Abilities: Manipulation of Edges, dark magic
Age: 30, looks 15
Occupation: None
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: A purple triple-ponytail with small red clips and a purple-and-red dress resembling Sara's (normal), Still has the triple ponytail, but with a big purple ribbon and a long dress with fine embroidery (fighting mode)
Relationships: Yukari Yakumo (adoptive mother), Ran Yakumo (tutor?), Kazuko Nakamae (friend), Mitsuki Hakurei (friend), Shanghai Margatroid (friend), Hourai Kirisame (friend), Byakuei (pet), Rumia Yagami (rival)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 1 epilogue

As seen in the flashback in Act 2, Kon was once a formless youkai, but Yukari combined her with a magic crystal, which gave her form, and she was then adopted. Unfortunately, the magic inside the crystal caused her to go berserk, and Yukari had no choice but to seal her. 20 years later (during the events of Act 2), Reimu agreed to purify her, but slight arguments with Yukari caused her to let loose again. However, Reimu successfully purified her, and she went back to a somewhat-normal life. Even though the evilness was removed, the evil magic remained, and she became sort of a Mary-sue, becoming Team 8's prime target. Kazuko agreed to seal away that magic in Act 5, but it only became easier for Team 8 to locate, and thus they attacked the human village. However, the magic is now gone forever. At the end of the battle, though, Rumia stabbed Kon, making her regenerating powers useless. Miyuki, however, gave her a sesshoseseki, which not only healed her wounds, but also gave her a dark magic boost and a slight effect on her overall personality.
At first, Kon was a serious girl who only wanted to safety of her loved ones, including Yukari. After the sesshoseseki was inserted into her, however, she's become much more cheerful, even violent. As such, she has decided to seal her violent self into her battle form, and activating it by chanting the phrase "Nomobuyo, Oshi, Hashitawa, Dokeda, Gunmicha, De, Ribura" (yay for ripping off 'Kore wa Zombie desu ka'!). She's still cheerful even in her sealed form, though.

Fun facts

-Meimu isn't an official character. Many people have tried to make backstories like 'Yukari made her an evil twin to Reimu'. For me though, while I took a bit of the original concept, I also leaned into KimikoMuffin's concept ("Kon is Yukari's daughter")

Name: Rin Satsuki
Alias: None
Species: Kirin
Abilities: Unknown, other than 'Flower sign' and 'wind sign'
Age: A few thousand years oldOccupation: None
Occupation: Youkai-hunter
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Somewhat long blonde, curvy hair, a red bow, and a long white shirt with a red skirt
Relationships: Reimu Hakurei (friend), Marisa Kirisame (friend), Yukari Yakumo (old enemy), Byakuei (rival), Tamamo-no-Mae (????)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 2

About 20 years ago, during the Meimu incident, Yukari was frantic in finding the cure, but so happened to bump into Rin Satsuki, who simply said it was impossible. This merely angered Yukari, and ever since, have been enemies.

During the events of Lotus Land Story, she and Marisa apparently made friends with Rin. Shortly after the events of Mystic Square, Rin overheared about the great beast Byakuei, who was threatening the village. Not heeding Reimu's warnings, she went to fight it, and was severely injured, but in a last effort, stabbed Byakuei with a sword that could seal souls. In sealing Byakuei's soul inside the sword, however, drained her energy, and she was in a coma for a good 10 years, making everyone believe she was dead (thus why she didn't appear in EoSD).

Rin used to be a very arrogant youkai, almost as much as Cirno, but she could actually put up a good fight. When she finally awoke from her coma, however, she changed and became humble, and finally gave Yukari a proper apology.

Fun Facts

-Rin was actually a rejected character for EoSD. You can search her up on Touhou wiki

Name: Byakuei
Alias: None
Species: Beast?
Abilities: Unknown (dragon powers?)
Age: ????
Occupation: Kon's future shikigami, currently her 'pet'
Location: Usually in a gap
Appearance: Long, blue, braided hair, a vine headband with red leaves, a black dress and a fluffy tail (BEWARE THE FLUFFY TAILS)
Relationships: Rin Satsuki (rival?), Kon Yakumo (master)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 2 flashback

See Rin's profile for more details on the battle. Byakuei usually just hides in a gap now unless Kon calls 'him'

Fun Facts


Name: Shanghai Margatroid
Alias: Sis (by Hourai)
Species: Independent Doll
Abilities: Magic, Puppetry (basically remixes of Alice's magic)
Age: Unknown
Occupation: None
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: She still has her long blonde hair and ribbon and wings, but she's wearing Alice's PC-98 clothes (old), same, but with Ellen's outfit (current)
Relationships: Hourai Kirisame (sister), Alice Margatroid (creator/mother), Marisa Kirisame (co-creator/'father'), Mitsuki Hakurei (friend), Kon Yakumo (friend)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 3 (prologue)

Somewhere before the events of Act 3, Alice decided to make use of Kon's old 'soul-stealing' powers to aid her in her 'independent doll project'. It was a success, and thus Marisa and Alice had their first two 'daughters', Shanghai and Hourai. Later, at the end of Act 5, they were shown to be using the 'Doll Enlargement Project' on both of the sisters. While Hourai succeeded, Shanghai had problems, but it is assumed that consequent tries were successful, and as such, both have appeared in normal-sized forms.

Shanghai is often cheerful, mischevious and snarky, but is very cowardly in a battle. Her magic is way more basic than Hourai's (who might be younger than her).

Fun Facts

-Shanghai used to be simply a doll for Alice, but it was stated several times in canon Alice's wish was to make an independent doll. Taking a slight concept from Shenanigans in a Magical Forest, I applied the same concept to Shanghai and Hourai

-Shanghai's magic is '95% Alice and 5% Marisa'

-Because of the above, despite being 'sisters' with Hourai, her surname is 'Margatroid'

Name: Hourai Kirisame
Alias: None
Species: Independent Doll
Abilities: Magic
Age: Unknown
Occupation: None
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Long blonde hair with a ribbon, and PC98 Marisa's clothing (old appearance), same as old, but with Rengeteki's outfit and the colors of her original doll clothing (current)
Relationships: Shanghai Margatroid (sister), Alice Margatroid (creator/mother), Marisa Kirisame (co-creator/'father'), Mitsuki Hakurei (friend), Kon Yakumo (friend)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 3 (prologue)

See Shanghai's profile for her backstory. Hourai is quite the opposite of Shanghai: very quiet and serious, but ultimately wants to protect her loved ones (in Act 5, she even showed a bit of her 'dere' side by being concerned of Shanghai when Alice forced her to aim properly). Her magic is far more powerful than Shanghai's.

Fun Facts

-The same as Shanghai's, except her surname is 'Kirisame' and her magic is '95% Marisa and 5% Alice'

Name: Mitsuki Hakurei
Alias: None
Species: (Artificial) Human
Abilities: Sealing, Purification Powers, Manipulation of Light
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Hakurei shrine maiden (apprentice)
Location: The Hakurei Shrine
Appearance: Long, green hair, a red bow resembling a doll's and a miko outfit. Usually seen carrying around a big stick.
Relationships: Suwako Moriya (creator), Reimu Hakurei (mother), Sanae Kochiya (has a bit of her DNA), Shanghai Margatroid (friend), Hourai Kirisame (friend), Kon Yakumo (friend)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 3 (prologue)

One day, Suwako got bored and decided to 'set the scores even'. She fake-kidnapped Reimu and Sanae, combining some of their DNA and making a human out of it. The result was Mitsuki Hakurei, who despite having some of Sanae's DNA, is rightfully Reimu's daughter. She is very serious and calm, even when chasing away evil spirits, and is very focused on training.

Fun Facts

-based off 'Satsuki Hakurei' from Touhou Nekokayou

Name: Miyuki:
Alias: Miyu
Species: Human (outsider)
Abilities: Fortune Telling (?), ability to intensify a certain matter
Age: ????
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Location: The Miyu Treasures Shop (just some random name I made XD)
Apperance: Has Meiling's looks, except that her clothes are purple, and her hair is dark aqua
Relationships: Team 8 (regular customers)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures (webcomic) Act 4

An outsider who sells illegal magical stuff for a living. Team 8 always buys stuff from her, even though they aren't exactly fond of her. She's pretty much a selfish lady who cares only about money. She was not allowed to sell her stuff in the outside world, so she moved the Gensokyo.

Fun Facts


Name: Sachiko Watanabe
Alias: Sachi
Species: Human (outsider)
Abilities: Modern Magic, manipulation of grape vines
Age: 12+ (going on 13)
Occupation: Student
Location: Anywhere
Apperance: A purple ponytail with a cap resembling Minoroko's and a red dress similar to Reimu's. Always seen holding her phone, which she uses to cast her magic
Relationships: Gosha Chibi Team (friends), Kay Faraday (partner?)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Act 5.5

Kazuko's childhood friend. In Act 5.5, Kazuko dragged her to Gensokyo. For an unknown reason, her phone downloaded the basic format of Modern Magic. For this reason, she was ambushed by Team 8, but barely saved by the Gosha Chibi Team. She's often seen with Kay Faraday (who also has modern magic).

Sachiko is another cheerful person, but is fairly clueless about Touhou. She is a confirmed otaku XD Her hobbies are drawing comics and anything related to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson

Fun Facts

-Based off an actual friend in real life

Name: Nikko Esprite
Alias: None
Species: Human (outsider)
Abilities: Chainsaw...ery, bilocation (being able to be in two places at once)
Age: 13
Occupation: Student, detective
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Long, blonde hair, a big green cap with a ribbon and an orange dress resembling Murasa's
Relationships: Chisato Akimoto (friend, colleague), Kazuko Nakamae(Friend, colleague), Roozu Rose (friend, colleague)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Act 5.5

Yet another hyper character, but doesn't get alot of screen time. She's also a member of the Gosha Chibi Team

Fun Facts
-Based off another friend

Name: Roozu Rose (...yeah I know it's kinda weird)
Alias: None
Species: Human (outsider)
Abilities: Gun (originally belonged to Kazuko), ability to sense aura
Age: 13
Occupation: Student, detective
Location: Anywhere
Appearance: Long, purple hair with a flowerly ribbon and a long reddish dress
Relationships: Chisato Akimoto (friend, colleague), Kazuko Nakamae(Friend, colleague), Nikko Esprite (friend, colleague)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Act 5.5
Again yet another hyper character, but doesn't get alot of screen time. She's also a member of the Gosha Chibi Team

Fun Facts
-Based off another friend

Name: Yasora Kojiwa
Alias: None
Species: Yatagarasu
Abilities: Manipulation of Nuclear Fusion and Fission, ability to manifest soul
Age: A few thousand years old
Occupation: None
Location: Inside Utsuho's....stomach
Appearance: Long, black hair, a white kimono and a white ribbon. She also has Utsuho's wings and the third-leg
Relationships: Rumia Yagami (friend), Yukari Yakumo (rival), Utsuho Reiuji (possessee, annoyance)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Act 6 epilogue

The Yatagarasu Utsuho swallowed, Yasora doesn't appear much in the outside world, and is occasionally being annoyed by Utsuho. Marisa and Mima have mentioned in Act 5.5 a time when Team 8 tried to revive her, and those events takes place in Shenanigans in a Magical Forest: Act .

Yasora dislikes Utsuho intensely, and is your typical evil villain. In Shenanigans in a Magical Forest, Rumia mentions that both Yasora and herself wanted to take over Yukari's position as the strongest youkai in Gensokyo, but her dreams were less realistic.

However, it turns out that Yasora's evilness was all due to a sesshoseseki she was given right after she was killed in Yukari's Lunar Invasion. Before that, she was an ordinary goddess. (which explains why after being revived by Kukuri, she says she feels 'a sort of peace').

Nowadays, she usually just projects her soul out of Utsuho's body, but she can still possess her if needed. She has become much friendlier ever since the end of Act 6.66

Name: Kukuri Tachibana
Alias: None
Species: Human?
Abilities: Light Magic, ability to manifest soul
Age: ????
Occupation: ????
Location: ????
Appearance: Long, black hair, an outfit resembling Byakuren's and a white cap
Relationships: Kakeru (little brother), Kazuhiro (bestower of her deathstone)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Act 6.66

Kukuri is apparently from another dimension. She was orphaned along with her younger brother, Kakeru. Little did she know he had a sesshoseseki. The 'orphanage' they were sent to was actually a research center for children who had special powers. One day, she realised that the people working at the research center, in fear of his powers, killed her younger brother. As she weeped, Kazuhiro appeared, and offered her her brother's death stone. She agreed, but in a fit of anger, killed almost everyone at the place (except Kazuhiro, of course). Not wanting to keep her painful memories, she sealed away her memories, which disabled her from talking and transported her to Gensokyo.

Because of the incident, she hates seeing people die, and that's why secretly went to collect all the death stones and let the Kyuubi reincarnate into her body, as she didn't want anyone to suffer like her.

At the end of Act 6.66, the gang of heroes had destroyed the Kyuubi and had saved her. Kazuko and Chisato offered to help her start anew, and she is now living in the outside world with her new father, an author.

Fun Facts
-Kukuri Tachibana is actually based off a character with the same name from 11Eyes

Name: Shizuka Inaba (left) and Setsuko Inaba (right)
Alias: None
Species: Youkai Rabbits
Abilities: Manipulation of Smells (Shizuka) and Manipulation of Melodies (Setsuko)
Age: ????
Occupation: Mochi Pounders (at Eientei)
Location: Eientei
Appearance: Slightly long, blonde hair, rabbit ears and tail, pink dress and a star necklace (Shizuka), same, but with even longer hair and a ribbon, and has a white ribbon instead of a necklace (Setsuko)
Relationships: Each other (sisters)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Mini Arc: A Random Day at Eientei

Sort of made by accident, I just wanted to make a normal rabbits-pounding-mochi scene, and believe me I had NO intention of ripping off Mika and Midori Inaba from Touhou Nekokayou, but I noticed both had the same hair, and so I just modified it a little.

They are just two random rabbits working at Eientei for now. Shizuka (as her name implies) is very quiet and likes to live a peaceful lifestyle, while Setsuko is very happy-go-lucky.

Name: Kagura Takanashi
Alias: None
Species: Ghost
Abilities: Unknown
Age: Looks 5, actually 30 (due to TIME PARADOX)
Occupation: None
Location: Hakugyokurou
Appearance: Short black hair, white dress with a red vest (?) and a red bow
Relationships: Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji (people staying with)
First Appearance: Walfas Adventures Mini Arc: Ghostly Paradox

Originally an outsider. She tried to seal Byakuei inside her soul, but failed, and as a result, it killed her and caused a Time Paradox. When Remilia, Meimu and Keine fixed the paradox, they had to change her fate, such that she died and couldn't reach the Yama because some unknown power made her soul unable to reach it, that is, until Kazuko went for another trip to Gensokyo via a gap. She is currently staying with Youmu and Yuyuko.

Fun Facts

-Her name comes from 'Kagura Tsuchimiya' and 'Yomi Takanashi', both characters from Ga-Rei Zero, but her backstory and appearance is heavily based on Kagura's.